Control web access for Java apps and games.

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lg 800g app access rights

lg 800g app access rights

One of the drawbacks of free games is that they are support by ads. The ads themselves wouldn't be so bad, but the problem is that they cost your data and therefore your airtime. This means the app is no longer really free.

Usually the app has to ask permission to access the web, and you can choose to grant it on a case by case basis. However, you can also block the access as a preference.

To set this preference, go to:

Menu > Games & Apps

and touch the document icon on the lower left. Then select Set Access Rights and touch the Perm. button of the game or app that you want to configure. Then choose HTTP/HTTPS and select "Ask" or "Access Denied". If you choose the latter, then the app won't be able to access the web. Not all apps will work with that setting but it's worth a shot if it will save on airtime costs.

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