Cool phone, even cooler price!

by Monica Cryer
(Amarillo, TX)

I have 2 boys, ages 17 and 12. My oldest son, Travis, started asking for a cell phone in the 5th grade. There was no way that I was willing to do that... yet, mainly because of the monthly cost. Two years later I began to consider a prepaid cell phone that my husband and I agreed to allow Travis to purchase and maintain with help of a monthly allowance, naturally given by us. I set him up with the phone of his choice and we were off on this cellular journey. I really wanted him to realize the cost and responsibility involved, he did very well. I might add that the "wondering when they will be needed to get picked up from school after the out of town games?" concern was a nice little convenience as well.

He maintained the first phone for over a year without losing it or getting it deactivated. I was impressed with this. The key lock button became sticky and it was time for a new phone. Also, as he had entered high school, his texting increased as did the social life.

I started searching out prepaid cell phones that were reasonably priced and safe, I really didn't want him to have access to internet via cell phone. I stumbled across Kajeet, it sounded perfect. I loved the parental controls, and the value of the monthly plans really can't be beat. He received his Kajeet LG Rumor phone as a Christmas gift and it's been great!

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