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by Bill R
(Tucson, AZ)

Update EX124g media library

Update EX124g media library

First: I copied some music (MP3 files)to a folder I called MUSIC in My Memory Card. I can play one song at a time from here.

Second:I tried to find a way to copy them to My Playlist. No Luck!

Third: I downloaded the same MP3 files to the Audio folder under a sub-directory I called TUNES. Again I can only play one song at a time.

Fourth: I created a Playlist title called TODAY and pressed Add. An Empty display showed . . . I tried several times and it just looped between Back, Options, Add, Empty . . . etc, etc.

Searched the Internet and found nothing useful regard populating the Playlist. I assume once populated you can play multiple songs.

Hi Bill,

Hmm. You've got the mp3 files on your phone and you can play them individually. Perhaps the problem is that the phone hasn't "found" the tracks so they're not in the music library. That's what you need in order to play music continuously.

Updating Music Library

If you go to Menu -> Media Player -> All Media Files, you should get a pop-up window that says "Updating library will take a long time. Continue?", and you need to choose Yes. (It doesn't really take that long anyway.) The EX124g will then scan your memory card for all the media track and create a big list. After scanning it will say something like "x files found, 7 files added," where is is the total number of media files that were found on the phone, and y the new files since that last time the scan was done. Once your tracks have been found, they should show up as options for your Playlist.

Creating a Playlist

Now when you go to Menu -> Media Player -> My Playlist -> Options -> Create Playlist and name it. Then when you open the Playlist and click Options -> Add you should see a list of your tracks with a checkbox next to each one. Check the ones you want to add to your playlist and select Options -> Add marked and click OK. You can now open the playlist and select Options -> Play.


Organizing Playlists

by Roger
(Honolulu, HI)

OK, made my playlist now I want to rearrange the order of the songs. I open my playlist, go to the Options menu and select Organize list. The lower left hand corner indicates Move but I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish the move. The scrollbar is locked and the entire screen moves, clicking on the song title doesn't seem to do anything. I am stumped. How does the move command work?

Hi Roger,

This had me stumped for a while, too! You have to use the up/down Volume Control button to move the track up and down on the playlist.

To review for completeness, go to:

Menu -> Multimedia -> Media Player -> My Playlists -> A Playlist -> Open

and then select

Options -> Organize list

Now with the list open, select the song/track you want to move. Then use the up down volume buttons on the side of the phone to move the track to the position in the playlist that you want.

Repeat the process for the other tracks you want to move.

Hope this helps.


Continuous Music Playback

by Jim

I downloaded music from my computer to the memory card and as long as I disable the "Auto Keypad Lock," I don't have a problem with receiving continuous music to my headset.

My only problem is that it only plays one music composition at a time and then I have to manually tap in my next choice. I believe it should continue on to the next piece automatically.

What am I missing?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Jim,

I'm guessing that you're trying to play your music directly from the music folder. This sounds logical, but it doesn't work that way. In fact, on my phone, the screen timeout shuts off the music even before the first song is finished.

Instead, you have to access the Media player through the EX124g's Multimedia menu. There you can play all songs or play all songs in a playlist.

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