Customer service tip for 3 cent codes

by Dani
(New York)

I bought this phone because I solely text and I absolutely love it. I had the 5 cent texting problem but it's now fixed.

Easiest way to fix the texting charge problem: Email them and tell you have no way to call them because your cellphone is all you have them. Tell them you can only have the codes emailed. (I had a legit excuse because I'm at college and won't be home for quite sometime and let's face it. Who is going to lend you their phone and have 20-30 minutes racked up with broken English techies...NO ONE!)

Anyway they just emailed me all the codes. Took less than 5 minutes and it works! Just use the email "excuse" No bad English calls or anything.

The Phone: I love it. Super easy to use. Great Qwerty keyboard. Auto lock on the exterior number bad so you won't make butt or purse calls. Nice camera and overall awesome. 3 cent texting helps a budgeting college student.

Good luck!!!

Constantly having to delete texts

by Ken

I have a 2 gig microsd card in it, but I'm constantly having to delete texts because they only will save to the phone, which ONLY HOLDS 30 TEXTS!!! The sd card was a waste of money. This phone needs to default save text to the sd card.

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Sep 24, 2010
Thank for the great tip
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for your comments and especially for the great tip about asking them to send the codes via email. Glad you're happy with the phone.


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