Decent affordable phone!

by William O'Beirne

I bought this phone about 6 months or so back, and it is a great mobile phone for those of us who don't need or want to live on the phone all day/night and don't need a built in camera, mp3 player, etc.

The V176 does what I, as a 40-something, need: It makes pretty reliable calls and text messaging. It also has a few limited cheezy built in games as well but that's not what this phone is for. I make a "reasonable" amount of phone calls each month and never exceed the Net10 150 minute / 30 day limit the cheapest ($14.95) phone card yields. That's a bargain in my book and plenty for me, although that would never fly for a teenage girl who uses minutes like breathing air.


by Niko
(Riverside, CA, USA)

This is an entirely capable, basic cell phone. Call quality is decent, and people on the other end can hear me fine. Net10 uses AT&T's network, and I've never had any major problems with coverage or dropped calls. 10 cents a minute is a good price, and depending on when and how long you talk can save you quite a bit of money.

Battery life is fairly good. The user interface is a bit confusing at first, but I was able to use it without consulting the manual. Adding airtime is very easy. The screen is a bit on the small side, and isn't the best resolution, but this isn't a high-end phone. It is still perfectly readable.

It all falls apart when you have to call customer service. Net10 is operated by Tracfone, and they have some of the worst support I've ever had to use.

Message setting display

by marty rice

I love my phone - have had it for several years - but somehow the display on the inbox and outbox for messages is now displaying the phone number instead of the person's name - I can't figure out how to change it back and it's very hard to know who it is from with just a phone number---help

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Oct 08, 2009
150 minutes a month is enough for this 40-something, too
by: admin


Thanks for your comments! From one 40-something to another, I, too, find that 150 minutes a month is all I need on a cell phone, although I do spend a bit more time on the landline in the evenings.

Of course, once my children reach cell phone age, I expect I'll need more airtime to receive (I hope!) their texts and calls.

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