Deleting pictures

by Janet
(Catasauqua, PA USA)

LG 420g image in Pictures folder

LG 420g image in Pictures folder

How do you delete pictures? Cannot find a delete option!

Hi Janet,

Here's how to delete pictures.

First go to:

Menu -> My Folder -> Pictures

to see a list of your pictures. The pictures will probably have a thumbnail of the image next to the file name (which usually includes the date it was taken).

If you're like me, you may find it difficult to identify the picture you want from viewing the tiny thumbnail. If so, click on one of the images to see the full version. Then you can use the left and right nav keys to see the next and previous pictures.

Once you find the picture you want, click on key below where it says options, scroll down to select "Delete" and press the OK (center nav) key. Then press it again to confirm that you want to delete the image.

sb (admin)

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