Difficult to flip open phone and remove battery cover

by Ron
(concord, ca)

Used this phone for about a week. Not bad, except for the following:

1. Difficult to open the phone. Need to get your fingernails between the two clamshell halves in order to open. Should have better finger grips.

2. Cheesy cover over the charging port. Cheap plastic sure to break off before too long.

3. Impossible to open up the back to get at the battery. I had a problem with the phone and the tech asked me to remove the battery. Impossible. No way to open up the back.

Bottom line: the phone goes back tomorrow.


Thanks for your comments. Here's my take:

1. I've gotten used to sticking my thumb in between to open the phone, and I'm comfortable using one hand to do it now. On the other hand, while I love the Samsung T301g slider phone for its larger screen and ease of use, I've always found it a little annoying that I needed two hands to open it. The sideways slider on the T401g is a lot easier.

2. All these charger slot covers seem flimsy to me. I've expected them to break off from the LG 420g, T301g, T401g, LG620g, etc. None of them have broken yet, though I expect it any day now. The T105g which has a sliding door instead is the only one I've seen that solves this problem. Unfortunately, it's a much more basic phone (though finally available as a double minutes phone).

3. True.

Update us on what you decide to get.

sb (admin)

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Mar 27, 2022
Thank you Burt
by: Ann

So glad I found your solution to opening the battery cover more than a decade later. In my eighties, I have little strength, and my finger nails break, but your suggestion of using a small knife saved my sanity and my neighbors ears. I can't do much, but I can still swear!

Jan 05, 2021
by: Anonymous

Worked on it and worked on it. Could not do it. Tremor in hand, difficulty seeing.
Taking up to Best Buy Friday.
They'll think I'm an idiot but I'm used to that.

Oct 01, 2017
by: Becky Atkinson

We purchased a Jitterbug for my 86 year old Father because we felt it was the best choice for him because he is losing his eyesight. From the first week the phone would occasionally go straight to voicemail without ringing and 2nd problem which also started around the 2nd week when you open the phone there is a long delay before the phone lights up. My Mother has called customer service 3 times and was actually told to hit the pound key 3 times when it doesn't work right so they can trouble shoot. That is ridiculous, my Dad is doing good to operate the phone without jumping through hoops. Today the phone is froze up and will not do anything just has black screen. I tried to shut off which didn't work. I then tried to take back off to remove battery but could not get that accomplished and was afraid to damage phone. I am so disappointed with Jitterbug the very idea to not send a new phone when we first complained. Now we are two months into this phone and out of warranty. Very disappointed would not recommend to anyone. Jitterbug customer service talks a big and wonderful story when selling the phone but then does not follow through.

Oct 17, 2016
Jitterbug Cell Phone
by: Anonymous

Had phone a week. Worked at first but after charging it, didn't light up. Said to hold down start button no more than 20 seconds. That made the lights work, but the window screen would not stay on. Said to remove batteries. Finally managed to get the back cover off. But, I see no way to get to the batteries. I'm still trying, will send it back if I can't! Phone was pre-activated when I bought it. Certainly shouldn't need batteries when I haven't even used it yet!

Mar 30, 2011
To Ron in Concord,CA To open the back.ake a small knife
by: Burt

I found that if you take small knife, insert it in the crack at the top of the cover and give it a slight twist the cover comes of very easily.
Hope this helps you enjoy the phone.

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