Disney phone covers from Skinit

by sb (admin)

Getting Nokia 2720 Disney phone covers from Skinit online is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to their site, choose your device, in our case this Nokia flip phone, and then choose your design.

When you choose your design, there's actually a dizzying selection of options, but you can find their licensed Disney skins under the "Entertainment" directory. Here you can find the usual Mickey and Minnie design. As expected, you can also find phones covers from popular Disney and Pixar movies.

There are also Disney design for things like the Muppets. (I didn't know that the Jim Henson/Frank Oz etc. creations had been gathered under the Disney umbrella (or is it just the way Skinit decided to group these items).

I chose a classic image as an example. One thing to note is that though the skin they ship you is for your particular phone, the illustration they show on the web site is for a generic phone.

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