Display backlight will not shut off!

by Vicki

LG 420g backlight settings

LG 420g backlight settings

Back light will not go off ...so drains battery

Hi Vicki,

I received a similar question about the display via email from someone else, and, in response, I tested various scenarios as listed below. Let me start by going over the main display when the phone is flipped open.

Main Display

You can adjust the backlight for the main display by going to:

Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Backlight

where you can set the duration of the backlight from 5 seconds all the way up to two minutes. You can even turn the backlight "off" in which case it stays in dim mode only when the phone is flipped open.

You can also adjust the level of the main screen brightness if you want to try and save the battery even more. These timings apply to when the phone is flipped open.

When you close the flip phone, I checked (by keeping the phone open just enough to see the main screen) that the display turns off in about three seconds.

External Display

For the external display I checked various situations to see if it turned off.

I went ahead and set a wake-up alarm on my phone. After setting the alarm, the external display continued to work normally. It stayed bright for about 3 seconds, went dim for another two seconds before going completely dark.

I also created a calendar event with an alarm set to ring on the time of the start of the event. I closed the phone and again the external display worked normally as before - bright, dim and then off. I also waited to see what would happen after the alarm sounded at the time of the event. When the alarm sounded for the event, the external display also turned on and displayed the calendar icon. After the alarm ended (I think I pressed the
side buttons to turn it off), the screen went through the same bright, dim and then off cycle.

I also had both a daily alarm and well as a calendar event with an alarm set and again the external screen behaved normally.

This behavior is fixed and I looked all over the phone settings and couldn't find a place to configure the external screen settings.

So if either of your phone's displays does not shut off, it does seem like a defect and may be covered by the warranty in Tracfone's Terms and Conditions.

My only suggestion would be to contact Tracfone again and explain the problem to them.

sb (admin)

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Sep 05, 2023
by: Anonymous

This writer is sick. Is going all over the place without addressing the question.

Mar 27, 2021
phone should just work
by: Anonymous

why do we have to do all these backend tricks to fix things. Sorry, its poorly made even for junk..

Dec 07, 2011
Re: display back light will not shut off
by: Anonymous

Just got the LG 420g and had the same problem. In my case it's a known (found it on another forum) problem related to the alarm being used. I can avoid it by using the volume button on the side to silence the alarm or by opening and closing the lid. Pressing "snooze" or "stop" on the screen results in the lights staying on, which you can resolve by turning the phone off and on again. If you need to use the snooze on an alarm, you can use the methods above to silence the alarm as many times as you need to, then go through the Menu (Tools - Alarm Clock) and turn the alarm to Off.
Credit goes here: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1703432-LG420g-screen-problem
See Post #4 including the link to another thread with even more details.
Hope this helps.

Oct 28, 2011
Back light will not shut off
by: Anonymous

The backlight on the outside display of my LG would go to the dim level and not turn off, and would run my battery down. I tried everything and finally just rebooted by turning it off and back on again. That fixed it.

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