Do minutes "roll over" to next year on $100/year plan?

by Lee
(Los Angeles, USA)

If anyone knows the answer to above question, please comment.

Hi Lee,

Yes, they do: I haven't used a $100 refill card myself so I first looked on their public website. I couldn't find any info there so I logged into my account to see if that information was easier to find from my member profile. And, indeed, there was a link to an T-Mobile refill info page. It said, when you buy and apply a $100 refill card, you instantly get Gold Rewards status, and, yes they do roll over.

So if you add a refill before your minutes expire, they do indeed rollover.

Your Gold rewards status (which gives you 15% extra minutes when you refill), however, does expire after one year until you have added another $100 in refills.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Apr 03, 2013
Buy more minutes to ensure roll over
by: Jerry

I have been using T-Mobil prepaid for more than 3-years. When you run low on minutes or the 'year' is about to expire, you receive a voice message detailing the status and are told when your minutes will expire IF you don't purchase additional minutes.

So yes, the unused minutes roll over as long as you purchase more minutes before the expiration date. On a 3G phone I used, I was able to display the account status, showing both expiration (renewal) date and dollar amount remaining.

Feb 13, 2013
Tmobile "gold rewards"
by: Anonymous

I've been using the T-mobile prepaid "Gold Rewards" (1000 minutes for $100.00) for a couple of years. I rarely use my cell phone. (only a few hundred minutes a year) I rolled over 700 minutes just by buying a $10 refill that lasts another whole year because of the Gold Rewards!! You can't beat T-mobile prepaid plans... as long as you are satisfied with the coverage areas. Not near the coverage of Verizon but not near the price either.

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