Does the phone work outside owner's area?

by sb (admin)

Q: Does the phone work outside owner's area?
A: Yes, your phone will work as long as you're in the GreatCall's coverage area. Greatcall's network coverage is provided by Verizon which is supposed to have the best nationwide (USA) coverage among the major wireless phone companies. So there's a good chance you'll be able to use your cell phone.

Your home address is used to assign the appropriate area code and phone number for your Jitterbug phone. You should get a number appropriate for your location because it helps for emergency purposes.

If you move, you can choose to keep the number or change to reflect the local area code. For example, my particular phone still has a North Carolina number even though I've moved, but I mainly maintain my handset for testing and answering questions on this site. But I could simply call GreatCall customer support and have them reactivate the phone with a number reflecting an area code appropriate for where I live.

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