Does this come with speaker option?

Q: Does this phone come with speaker option?

A: Yes, this phone comes with a speaker phone capability. The option appears once a call is in progress. At that point you press the OK button to put it on speaker, and press it again to take it off.

Raise Volume

by Fred Doty

I've had phone for two week and can't find a higher volume control. Can someone Help? I love the phone but calls don't seem very loud! Thanks Fred



Thanks for your question. Here's a link to a YouTube video I recorded showing how raise both the ringer volume and the call volume:

How to turn up the volume on Samsung T301g

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May 27, 2011
Echoing Problem With Samsung T301G
by: Dawg62

I have had one perplexing problem with the Samsung T301G and nobody seems to know the answer. When using the phone (outgoing or incoming calls) inside a car or other small space, I hear my own voice being echoed back to me a split second after I have spoken. The other party does not hear the echo.

I am wondering if it is the "always on" speaker phone doing it. In a house or outside it doesn't happen. Only inside a car or a very small room.

Samsung may be a fine product, but the fact they do not publish a good user's manual totally sucks!

Sep 17, 2010
Center Column Options
by: CMM

Thank you for sharing how to access the Samsung T301G's speaker. I assume other options that appear in the display's center column are accessed in the same manner.

CMM (Winfield, NY)

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