Down cell phone memory lane


One thing i find unusual about the Motorola W408g: where is the 'day & date' display on the home screen? You can certainly see that the time display is well pronounced,... And you are able set the date format(month, day, year), but how do you get it to display on the home screen ? Am I having a "duh" moment, or is this phone not capable of including a very basic phone function of displaying the 'day & date' along with the (very well displayed)time?

But you know, even with the fore-mentioned observation, @ $19.99(black friday sale). And for what it is, this phone has a lot to offer for 20 bucks. I love cellphones for the fun, the variation(s) of features they all have, and most of all. The many forms of 'communication' they have to offer, after all. Getting in touch with others is the 'base line' of why we purchase these wonderful items to begin with. 'cellphones forever' !!!.

Oh, above is a pic (accidentally erased) of my 1st cellphone I got it at 'aames' dept. store some yrs. ago for $10.00. I was "happy as a pig in "****".. My first real cellphone! Also, it ended up with mom & dad wanting their own phones as well. One evening I remember driving to the 'wachovia center' in phila. To see Elton John, and calling mom & dad to tell them I made it there ok, that was so cool. Cause I believe it was one of the 1st calls I made on that phone. To this day, I still find it amazing that you can get/be in touch with someone virtually from anywhere you are (and vice versa).

Well, think I'll get back to loadin' up the w408g with pics and videos, have a nice day, & take it slow with the snow shovlin'. Take care !

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Nov 04, 2015
Down cell phone
by: David hill

ahhh I don't know what is this we are talking about? Down cell phone memory ? I have never been face this problem yet in my phone. :) I have iPhone 5S and its ROCKING! Love it.

Feb 28, 2012
can't change time
by: marc

and you can't change the time either.

Jan 27, 2011
Yup and thanks for your story.
by: sb (admin)


I hadn't noticed that before, but I think you're right. There doesn't seem to be any way to get the day and date to be displayed on the home screen. On some of the older Motorola phones, you could get the day and date to display when you turned off the airtime due date. Unfortunately, that doesn't work on this phone.

Thanks for the story of seeing Elton and your old Nokia. Unfortunately, I accidentally erased the pic so went and found another photo. It's a different color. The oldest Nokia I had was the 1100, so you've got me there.

BTW, I also find these devices kind of amazing.


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