Down-to-earth phone

by Lee

Basic indeed, no trills or spills, just your bare-bones down to earth phone. However, if you looking for one just to talk, and occasionally a text or two, this phone fits to the tee. Simple to use, sound quality is unbelievably (for the price range). Battery life is great.

For a prepaid phone, it reminds you of your status. Notice it was very lightweight, sleek looking, keypad-no problem. Yes, there are better phones out there, other than your basic three contenders. It was hard to pass this one up with double minutes for the life of the phone.

Great backup phone

by Chris
(Martinsburg, WV)

Like an above poster, I also bought this phone as a secondary, back-up phone. I've come to appreciate its light weight, small size, simplicity, and most importantly, the network service I get around here (West Virginia).

My regular phone, a Samsung t369, sounds terrible, has terrible reception, etc. I actually can make better calls on this $10 piece of plastic! Considering switching to full-time Tracfone service of some kind now.

However, TracFone itself is expensive. An unlimited plan will cost you around $50, whereas $50 spent on Tracfone gets you maybe 400-500 minutes or so. Still, great phone in a pinch. Will be hanging on to it.

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