Dropped Calls on HTC EVO V

by Ken
(Newark, DE)

Newark, Del Virgin Mobile coverage

Newark, Del Virgin Mobile coverage

Have HTC EVO V. Service is really bad - 15 dropped calls a day. Don't get this service. It's like having no cell phone. Bad reception.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the feedback. I've uploaded a screenshot of Virgin's voice coverage in the Newark, Del area. It varies between good to fair.

Coverage in Ohio small town

by Michael
(Dillonvale, OH)

Virgin Mobile, they are such a joke, I'm amazed they managed to survive this long. Although they are part of the Sprint network, they are both very bad. Sprint don't even go beyond the limits of the metro places or big cities. How they survive is beyond me. They have the worst coverage just like AT&T or T-MOBILE does.

Out of all these prepaid providers, I would take Page plus or Straight Talk any day over Virgin Mobile. They use Verizon towers and they much better coverage then Sprint does.

Hi Michael,

Straight Talk actually uses all these networks depending on which of their phones you have. Their non-Android CDMA phones (ending with the letter C) use the Verizon network. Their GSM phones use the AT&T or T-Mobile networks and their Android phones use one of the four networks (including Sprint) depending on which phone you get.

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