Ebooks, Audiobooks and More on this Flip Phone

I've had this phone in service for a while. It's a good flip phone. It works very well. The LG menu system is by far the best of any brand of phone I have had.

The 440g correctly indicates whether you are at Home or if you are Roaming. Tracfone no longer charges extra for Roaming, but it's nice to know, as you cannot use data services, i.e. mobile web and sending or receiving photos with text messages. 3G indicator also works as it should.

The phone can do many things. It plays videos and movies in the .3gp format. You can also read Jar ebooks on this phone. It also works with the more deluxe Qioo Jar ebook files.

Getting ebooks

The largest source for free ebooks is gutenberg.org. Don't go into the mobile ebooks. Stay in the main ebooks catalogue & get the plain text version of a desired book. Download it & then go to: handybibliothek.qioo.de/qic.php. There you can convert your plain text ebook to the qioo format totally free.

Bluetooth the resulting txtQiC.ebook to your phone. It will show up in "myfolder" under "other files". Find that file and install the ebook. It will say download, just click on the left menu key to install. You then select the compass keys you want to use to read the book. Center key for select, then the left compass key amd confirm with the * key Note: just hit the * key to confirm your choice. Next select the right compass key and again confirm with the * key. The book is now fully installed and will appear in the "games & apps" folder. It sounds a bit complicated, but after you do it a time or two, you will say this is easy!

There are also a number of free Jar ebook sites. Their selection is smaller than Gutenberg's, but the ebooks are already in a Jar format. They DO NOT require conversion before sending to your phone.

Of course you can view and zoom your photos. You can take photos & videos with it's 1.3mp camera.

MP3 Music and Audiobooks

It plays mp3 audio books and mp3 music files. Gutenberg.org also has a large number of audio books in mp3 format, all free.

Old-time Radio Shows

A great site for old-time radio show mp3s is archive.org. There are a whole bunch of old-time radio show sites that also provide free downloads.

It only has about 100 megs of memory, so you can't put too many files on at one time. You must use bluetooth for file transfers. You can add a bluetooth dongle to your p.c. or laptop for about $10.

Memory is NOT expandable. A usb data cable will NOT work with this phone. I've found the phone to be very useable even with its small sized memory.

It is being slowly replaced by the 441g phone. The 441g is a more highly styled phone with a metal trim piece aroung the camera lens. (It's really a 440g phone with some added trim & a couple of extra features.)

I purchased a 441g phone, & have had issues with the camera. It's a a bit fuzzy compared to my 440g.I don't know if it's just my 441g or not.

LG makes the best feature phones, so I always go with an LG phone when possible.

The price has dropped on the 440g to around $5. The 441g is $15.

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