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by sb (admin)

Email on these phones need to be sent via the web browser. The Nokia Email app that is available on AT&T's app center is not compatible with this phone. Therefore, you need to use the browser. Here's an illustration of checking your Yahoo mail via the web browser. As you'll note at the end, the process cost my 60 cents, just to login and look at one email. That's pretty expensive. If you check your email often you might want to get a data package. Of course, if you really check it often, you might want to get a different phone as well.

Checking Yahoo! mail

1. Go to Menu -> Web browser and scroll down to the Go To option. This will allow you to directly type in the URL for mail.

Nokia 2720 Email 1

2. Enter for the URL

Nokia 2720 Email 2

3. Sign in with your User ID and password. Use the button to the left of the zero to enter special symbols.

Nokia 2720 Email 3

4. Scroll down to click on any messages you want to read.

Nokia 2720 Email 4Nokia 2720 Email 5

5. Press the red phone (end) button to exit.

6. Receive an on-screen message about the cost of your web browsing session.

Nokia 2720 Email 6


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