EX124g speaker phone

by ray

EX124g speaker phone off

EX124g speaker phone off

Does it (EX124g) have a speaker phone?

Hi Ray,

Yes. When you make a call, the screen will show a couple of different options including the speaker phone. You simple touch the speaker icon to turn on the speaker phone and touch it again to turn it off.

Depending on the how long the screen timeout is set at, the screen may go off before you get a chance to touch the icon. The you have to press the button on the side to turn the screen back on and then press the speaker icon.

sb (admin)

Adjust call volume

by JC

Got the new phone from Tracfone and can not hear the callers. Volume up doesn't help and menu only offers to increase the keytone or ringtone. It is very frustrating.

Takes a great picture! And text has been easy to use.

Just can't hear when making or receiving calls!

Hi JC,

Try pressing the EX124g's Up/Down side buttons during a call to adjust the call volume. Otherwise the buttons only adjust the ringtone volume.

Mic stopped working

by Kristen Henry
(Rumford, Maine, USA)

Okay so I recently have got mine from Net10 not too long ago. For the last two months I've experienced difficulties with the touch screen. I've noticed how the lower left hand corner of the screen is very stubborn, and that's where they display most of their "Yes" buttons so you can open messages, save pictures, delete pictures, etc.

So with that in mind, I have noticed how my mic also does not work anymore. There is no explanation. This was an $80 phone, and is only worth $10.

The monthly plans are expensive, because I can get an unlimited plan from US Cellular for about $30 a month. Instead of the $50 one Net10 offers. So if you were planning on getting this phone, think twice!

Hi Kristen,

Thanks for your comments. Regarding the mic, the only time I've had a phone's microphone not work was my very first prepaid phone (Nokia 1100) and that was because it was dropped. As long as your phone isn't damaged, it should still be covered by Net10's warranty.

FWIW, I haven't had any problems with the Tracfone version of the EX124g.

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