External Memory Storage Setting for Photos

by Eric

Hi. I put a 4g memory card in my phone in accordance with the instructions in the LG manual and everything appears to be working okay (card icon appears next to battery icon). Pursuant to your recommendation on your review page for the LG 500g, I went to the memory info in the settings and set the external memory as my primary storage.

However, I noticed when I take (and save) a photograph, the phone utilizes the memory under the “handset common memory” for images and it does not utilize any memory under external storage. I verified that “memory card” is indeed checked under my primary storage setting (not phone common).

Is anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong?

Please advise.

Thank you for providing this informative website and for ant assistance regarding the above.

Note: after asking this question, Eric himself wrote back that he found the solution himself:

After sending my inquiry, I noticed that there is also a setting for the LG 500g phone for “external memory” while in its camera mode. As such, while under camera mode, I set the phone to “external memory” and now the phone utilizes the memory card or external storage for photographs as I initially wanted.

I guess I (luckily) answered my own inquiry by continuing to fumble around with the phone settings.

As such, at this point, I do not need any answers to my recently submitted inquiry and I do not need to go “live” with the aforementioned inquiry. Please feel free to post it “live” if you feel it may be useful for others.

Thanks again for providing an informative website-



Hi Eric, you're welcome. And Thank You for your update!

sb (admin)

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