Facebook Will Not work?

by Kenneth Avery
(Hamilton, Alabama)

I will be brief as I am still fuming. The Tracfone LG 500g that I received today has been nothing short of manical to my thinking. I was under the impression that Facebook app WOULD WORK, but thanks to the non-educated and non-learned TracFone support tech who stuttered and tried to cover his ignorance and was quick to try and blame Facebook for Tracfone's luring of customers who love Facebook was needless to say, Anger management material.

I did as he said:

1. took back off of my phone
2. removed battery, put it back in and turned phone on...

The "tech" (a laughable term) said that ALL my apps, including Facebook would work. Well I'm not surprised at his ignorance as my Facebook still didn't work. I guess I was another sucker that fell for Tracfone's bait and switch routine that made my wife spend her hard-earned money for this phone for me.

And please, Tracfone, do NOT try to insult my intelligence by saying that your inept service and product, Tracfone LG 500g phone is one of the best phones on the market - for I'm sure at this time there are many others who share THIS opinion.

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for your comments. While I haven't had this problem with this phone, my first version of the LG 900g phone experienced a "Connection Problem" when I tried to use Facebook app. Interestingly, accessing FB through the web browser worked okay. (This was a Net10 phone, but they're basically the same company.) Net10 eventually sent me a replacement which does work properly. So I suggest you ask for the same.

sb (admin)

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Dec 08, 2011
by: yanina

Hello,I bought LG 500 phone for my daugther and I'm afraid that she will spending minutes using it for facebook. My question is there any blocking code for Facebook or Browser? Please help!

Jul 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

This may be stating the obvious, but it wasn't for me - someone had to explain it to me. Did you enable Facebook Mobile from your Facebook page? (Account - Account Settings - Mobile)

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