Failure TF V170 to TF LG600g

by EPW
(Erie, PA)

Called TF before new phone arrived to verify number and mintues transfer procedure. Was instructed not to activate, but to call in.

7/29/09 - First call, TF activated the new phone then deactivated the old phone. Then they transfered the minutes. The woman said that it would take a few minutes to transfer the number and put me on hold. After 1 hr holding with no response, I hung up. On looking at "my number" on the new phone it showed correctly the old phone, so I assumed that all was well.

7/30/09 - Started receiving calls on new phone, when I asked what number they were calling it was not the old phone number but the number originally assigned to the new phone. Verified that the phone number was the new one, despite what the phone showed.

Call TF, after 1 hr of back and forth, holding while they checked things, they said "The old phone number does not belong to TF, therefore can not be assigned." After some more back and forth, they said that the old number showing in the new phone could not be changed even though the phone answer to the new number. I asked for a new SIM card (and number) which they are now sending.

I have lost my old number due to a very poor process.

Transfer hasn't gone through yet

By Anonymous

I did everything as directed and was told that everything was fine. However, it is now one day later and my new phone has not activated. Nothing has changed. The old phone still works, thankfully.

I have e-mailed Tracfone and have not had a helpful response. By the way, I tried doing this over the phone and was cut off three quarters through the process. I called back and was told I would have to start from the beginning. This person's English was so bad that I couldn't understand anything she said. That is why I tried doing it on the internet.

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Jul 31, 2009
Thanks for your input
by: admin


Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree the process could definitely be improved.

I have had two recent experiences. The first time it worked perfectly online going from a v170 to an LG 225 so I'm surprised it didn't work in your case going to another LG phone.

The second time, going from a Moto W175 to a Samsung T301g, did NOT work online, but I was able to successfully transfer it after calling customer support.

I'll be doing another transfer in August so we'll see.

Thanks again.

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