Find my lost phone

I know there is a feature on the phone that allows you to send a signal to the phone even if its off that beeps once its sent. Does anyone know what that is?

Hi, I did a couple of searches to see what option you may have. Ironically, the first thing you can try is . . .

Plan B
The Plan B app can be installed remotely on your phone. Once installed, the apps will send emails to your Gmail address with its best guess of the location of your phone. It may take a few minutes to arrive. The first description I read of this app had indicated that this app only works on phones with SIM cards, but that appears to be wrong because when I found it on the Google Play store (formerly Android Marketplace), it said that this phone is compatible with the apps.

Note: It is somewhat difficult to find this app on the regular Google search engine unless you use "app" as part of your search term.

Plan B is free and is produced by Lookout Lab.

Sarah Perez lays out other other options for finding your lost Galaxy Precedent or other Android phone here, so I won't bother reproducing it.

Good luck!

sb (admin)

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