Fine little phone

by Jacqueline D.
(Hartford, KY)

I'm very happy with my phone. It does what we need it to do: be a phone. We don't text. If we want to get on the internet, we use our computer. If I want to take pictures, I have an excellent camera.

This was my first cell phone, and I found it easy to use. The interactive manual on the tractfone website was a huge help.

My research on the phone indicated people had issues with the volume of those who had called, and the button that activated the browser. I've had no problems with either of those. One thing that I like is that the volume button is part of the menus of the phone and not an external button.

The S150G is a really nice phone, and I like it a lot. If you want a phone to be just a phone, this is the one for you. The double minutes is awesome, and it goes a while before needing recharging too.

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