Forget the scare stories -- This Works!

by JB
(Chapel Hill, NC)

I read a multitude of scare stories regarding the difficulty of transferring minutes and numbers to another phone. Felt uneasy about possibly losing my 600 minutes but really wanted to upgrade my service to the newer phone I received as a gift.

Finally found this site and the instructions on how to do it really fast and effectively online. Tried it just a few minutes ago. Wow! What a relief. It was easy. Took less than 15 minutes even waiting for the network connection to be made.

I think now a lot of the problems people have regarding transferring numbers and minutes result from miscommunicating the series of serial and SIM numbers via phone to another person.

I just followed the instruction sheet being careful to triple check the required series of numbers. Bingo! The transfer went smoothly and Tracfone threw in a couple of extra minutes as well as extended my due date by 60 days!

What's not to like? Great service as far as I am concerned.

Got my number, minutes and time transferred in 5 minutes.

by Anonymous

Great! This really helped me a lot. When I went to do it, it had those little boxes and said to enter the information, but didn't tell me what information it wanted, so I couldn't get past that.

With looking at your copy of the page, I knew what to put in, and got my phone number, minutes and time transferred to my phone in about 5 minutes! Thanks so much for your help!

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