Gives me Peace of Mind!

by Jaime
(Woodbury, NJ)

To be honest I was against getting my child a cell phone, but my daughter started wanting more freedom to visit friends on other blocks and going to the playground with friends. I started to get very nervous about not being able to get in touch with her or see her from our front door.

That's about the time I found Kajeet. For me it was perfect, it has GPS and I can restrict the phone to only call certain phone numbers and only be able to make calls at certain times. I don't feel she needs to be on the phone with her friends just yet, the phone is really only for us to keep track of her when she is out with friends.

I also like the fact that it introduces her to the technology with restrictions and teaches her responsibility of watching her usage and keeping track of the phone. I know it's only a matter of time before she will want the restrictions lifted and I believe that this is preparing her for that. Overall it really has been very helpful for my family and of course my daughter loves it to.

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