Good as my first prepaid phone

by Mark E
(Austin Texas)

I have had mine about a yr. My first prepaid phone. When I began the activation process there was no explanation as to how long it takes. It took a weekend. But after that it's all good.

The LG 800g does everything I need well. I haven't tried to surf because it is a slow processor and burns up minutes. My main concern is cost. I do get a lot of mileage texting. That works for me.

However it does not have voice command. I really miss that as I like to make calls while driving. But that is maybe going to be a thing of the past.

2013 Note: The LG 840g does have voice recognition.

Tracfone Junkie

by Bruce
(Seattle Wa)

This LG 800g is like my 5th Tracfone, over the last 6 years. I went with them because my usage time was perfect for not needing unlimited time. I do not need to pay 100 per month for a phone.

I can get away with 15 to 20 dollars a month for my use. This phone is what I was hoping for a couple years ago. It has a lot of bells and whistles but not at the high cost for them. I highly recommend Tracfone, and this phone.

Easy to use

by Gene Harm

I'm not one to carry extra stuff around not even a watch. So I didn't want a phone hanging off my hip. I'm pretty sure I would not like to carry an iphone around for they seem to be too large to be in the pocket. The LG 800g is small and thin enough to fit comfortably in my pocket. Yet I love the display on this phone with it still being big enough to easily see. For me it's the perfect size.

Sure it's not the latest in technology features but first and foremost it's a phone. At that it's a very good one. I find it easy to dial and use and conversations are crisp and clear.

All that said it does have features I like. I was able to transfer music from my tablet to the phone with bluetooth. It's as easy as turning on the bluetooth from both devices (tablet, laptop, phone) and select send from your music files. The phone will pick it up and ask you to accept the incoming file. These must be MP3s. Music sounds great over my headset plugged into the phone. Of course I added a micro sd-card (4 gigs) to hold the music and photos.

For those wondering you don't have to use the cartoon icons. There is a setting that lets you select standard icons that look professional.

In summary I love the fact that this phone is very capable and feature rich yet with no monthly contract.

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