Good phone, two little nitpicks

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Good Phone

I got this phone this summer & I am very happy with it. Mine is a refurb, 50 bux off net10's website. I don't give a crap about the web browser, I'm not gonna try to go on the internet on this phone.

Don't say this phone sucks because of the web browser, of course a web browser on 2inch screen on a prepaid phone is gonna suck. Use your computer for the internet, the web browser is a vacuum for your minutes anyway.

I had the .5c text problem but called net10 & got it fixed, my minutes last a lot longer now because I mostly text at 3c each. I could never go back to a contract while net10 is around. I can't believe people are paying 100 bucks a month to have a smartphone. That is insane to me.

I spend about $30 a month with this phone, before I got net10 I had a phone/contract with AT&T & it SUCKED. I recommend staying far away from any AT&T phone-related anything.

I have a 2gb microSD card in this phone & have been able to put all the mp3s I want on it using bluetooth. I also use bluetooth to transfer pix to pc, pretty slick.

Speaker sounds very clear for a phone but of course there's no bass. It also takes better pictures than I thought it would.


Overall I think this is a great phone, but I have 2 minor nitpicks that I would like to mention.

Sometimes while typing texts I get more of one letter thhann I wwannntt, annd hhave to goo bacck & deelette letters. Also I have already pocketdialed 911 once because of some SOS feature, I would be very interested in disabling this so as to not do that again. I have not found much documentation about the SOS feature so I don't know how I did it. (I do use the keylock)

If anyone has had these issues & somehow resolved them, please let me know. I would recommend the Samsung T401g if you are considering it. I also recommend net10.

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Dec 07, 2010
Thanks for your comments
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for your detailed comments. I've been happy with the phone myself. I haven't had the other problems you've described, though I'm not much of a texter anyway. While I don't use the web browser much, I do use it some mornings to check the weather forecast. It uses about two minutes of airtime to check the temperature and the hourly forecast for the day.


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