Google Maps still available for these phones?

by Richard B.
(Long Island, NY)

How do I get to Google Maps on the Tracfone LG440G; and if possible, can the map be enlarged?

Google Maps was available for Java-based phones and I have installed in on phones like the LG 840g. This is why it's on my list of apps for Java phones. To see if it was still available, I deleted the app from that phone and went to the Google Maps website. This time, I did not get a prompt to download the java-based version of the app. Perhaps I shouldn't have deleted it!

Note that using an app like will use up quite a bit of your airtime as all the information is downloaded from their servers every time. I was able to test it on the 840g, because it has WiFi access, but that is not available on the 440g.

You might be able to find a previous version of the app online or find a third-party app that accesses the Google Maps functionality. (However, that functionality for Java apps may be going away by January 2016 if I understood one of their pages correctly.)

I did search for other places to download it, and I found these two pages:

The earlier versions is 1.5.1 and the later (last?) version is 2.3.2. I was able to use the latter link to re-download the app. Yes, you can zoom in, however I can tell you that using it is a pretty frustrating experience compared to using it on a smartphone.

If this is a feature that's important, I would consider carrying around a compact GPS such as a Garmin eTrex.

Hope this helps.


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Jun 19, 2015
Google Maps
by: Richard B

Thanks for your input on my query on "Google-Maps". Nice to have someone who can give me straight-forward answers to questions.

I clicked on the two addresses you suggested - seems pretty complicated for the LG440. A smart-phone would be advantageous. I think I'll stop and ask for directions instead.

LG just came out with the LG G4 smart phone. It has a curved back (nice look to it); On a regular smart phone, (like an iPhone), you can leave it on a flat surface while typing a message. If you tried that with the LG G4, wouldn't it rock back and forth as you type? Turn your mouse up-side down and you'll see what I mean. Thanks for any input. RB

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