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Great rates for calling cell phones in the UK from the USA. This has usually been a problem for prepaid cell phone providers as the UK usually makes it much more expensive to call cellular numbers as opposed to landlines. For this reason you can't, for example, call UK numbers from Tracfone handsets, though you can call landlines their.

Similarly, the rates for calling the UK using Verizon Prepaid or AT&T Gophones are very expensive. T-Mobile prepaid is as well, though you do have the option to lower the rate by buying an international calling package for $10 a month.

PlatinumTel to the Rescue

Not only can you call UK cell phones at a reasonable rate using your PlatinumTel phone, but you can also find out exactly how much it costs for the various different providers on their site using a form. I've checked them out and list them for your convenience below.

Cost for Calls from US to UK cell phones.

These are the per-minute costs for calls in addition to the regular 5 cents per minute charge on their Real PayGo plan.

MMO2 $0.17
PNS $0.42
ORANGE $0.17
UK T-Mobile $0.17
Vodafone: $0.15
OTHER: $0.27

In addition, you can even enter up a particular cell phone number in the UK (or any other country) and find out how much it will cost to call them (on top of the regular airtime charges.

BTW, calling UK landlines costs $0.02 per minute.

Hope this helps.


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