Great for Hawaii and Canada

by Bob

Been using t-mobile for years. Only costs me $100 per year as I don't use it much. Actually I have to replace phone every couple years so I guess its more like $150 per year.

Coverage is great I have used it on 3 of the Hawaiian Islands, Las Vegas, California, Ore and Wash and in Canada BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Canada is great as T-Mobile seems to have a agreement with "I think its rogers com" but as soon as I cross border I get a message that says thanks for coming and please enjoy "free phone coverage" while your here Longest I've stayed any one time was 5 days but had phone whole time. I think the minutes still counted towards my t-mobile account.

Don't worry much about losing the phone as it couldn't be used and cost me more. I could just replace it and the minutes for less than $200 and write it off.

Prepaid in California, Texas and New Mexico

by Tina Layne
(El Paso)

I really like using T-Mobile's Prepaid Plan. It has lots of coverage where ever I go. I had coverage everywhere I went in California and my home town. I had coverage in most places in Texas. Though, there where a few places in El Paso where I couldn't get any signal. But then again, nobody else had any signal either.

I was also disappointed driving through New Mexico too. I also love the fact that it is really easy to add minutes anywhere because I can't always stop at stores.

I like the phone and all of the features. I was surprised it was so cheap with everything. I have been very rough with my phone and have had no real problems with it.

I was a bit disappointed with the customer service. They tend to be very scripted and short with you.

All in all I am very happy with everything and plan on using it a long time.

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