Great for my Tattoo Business!

by Michael

I tattoo for a living and need to have a phone with a flexible or cheap prepaid plan. Costs can accumulate and a hefty phone bill is the last thing i want to worry about.

I receive numerous calls weekly and sometimes have to do consultations over the phone so I can start preparing possible art work for a customer. So the minutes have to be there when i need them without the cost being through the roof.

I have a few friends that use virgin mobile and always talk about how reliable and affordable the service was. So when I found the Virgin Mobile Arc I was excited. I was confident I was getting a great plan and the phone was unbelievable! It was blue tooth compatible which is handy, an LCD display on the outside for caller ID and other functions, plus there was a camera! I really prefer the flip style phone to the sliders and most other styles. Keeps the buttons from being pushed in my pockets.

All together it's a great phone and so far has been an asset to my business.

My Great Oystr Phone

by Jennifer

I bought this phone for mainly emergency use but they have such great rates on airtime that I use it all the time now. I have the Oystr flip phone and absolutely love it. It is great and very durable. I have dropped it multiple times and it just keeps going.

I even have some web browsing abilities with it, and this was a surprise. I wouldn't have expected to have this ability with a prepaid phone service. I get great service and have never experienced an area where there is no service. I have also never had a dropped call with this phone and the service. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a no hassle phone service.

It is easy to add airtime; it can be done on a computer or right from your phone for free. It is great for the younger kids and teenagers for an easy and relatively cheap way to stay in contact with them.

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