Great Option for the Price

by Jeff
(Goldsboro, NC, USA)

I had the standard camera phone from two different regular cellphone companies. They are good phones much like the LG 225. What sets the Tracfone apart is not the phone as much as the service.

I switched specifically because of the service.
The camera was a great option and I found that when I switched I really wanted to have it, but what I really appreciated about Tracfone is the capability with the phone to keep track of your usage.

I just was not using my phone often enough to justify the pricier options with other standards companies.

I would recommend this phone in particular because it is durable. The camera is a nice option if you need it, but I would definitely give Tracfone a try if you are tired of the high price plans of other carriers.

Good for Short Term Use

by Charlie Goodnow
(Falls Church, VA)

My wife and I picked up this phone recently while we were temporarily living in Virginia. The phone is good quality but fairly basic. The features work well enough, but if you're used to a higher quality phone with extensive features you will likely be somewhat disappointed in this phone. We like the flip feature because it prevents the buttons from being pressed without needing to lock the keypad.

The phone had decent coverage and the battery pack actually lasted two or three days before we needed to recharge it. This phone was similar to a Samsung model that we used with T-Mobile back home but the quality of the device was somewhat inferior. The screen and display was obviously inferior, but there was still good quality.

We compared this product with some other pre-paid plans and Tracfone seemed to be a better deal. Check coverage before you buy though - when we left the city where we were living we had trouble in several other cities where other friends had decent coverage. Recharging is very easy through the Tracfone website too.

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