Happy 12 year old

by Cheryl

My twelve year old wanted a cell phone pretty bad, but his father and I were not sure that he should have one. We worried about being over minutes and ending up with hundreds of dollars of fees. We did a lot of research and decided on some prepaid phones, but these were easily broken and hard to customize. We told him that he would just have to go without. Then he had a friend bring over his Kajeet phone.

I immediately called his mother to ask her about it. She explained the simplicity of the plan. Each call has a cost and then the entire monthly cost to own the phone is less than fifteen dollars a month. (Note: Plans have been updated.) She also told me how 911 is easily reached on the phone. She explained that all 900 and 976 telephone numbers are blocked and more important, all ringtones have been "content approved".

I signed up right then. We have been very happy with this service and I would recommend checking into this for your young teens! My son is very happy we made this decision.

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