Hard to import music?

by phone guy

I find I cant import mp3s to the phone. I got the data cable plugged it into pc and device doesn't support it. Just turns into a removable storage device with no way to transfer files at all. Sucked if ya ask me!

Update I've found that you can just drag and drop mp3's to the music directory on the SD card which shows up as the removable storage drive. The mp3 player is able to find and play those mp3 file just fine.

Hi phone guy,

I'll have to get back to you to confirm what you say about importing files via a cable. However, I've been able to import songs via Bluetooth to my W408g. To do this you do have to have a Bluetooth-enabled PC or use a Bluetooth adapter like I do.

The other way to do it is to use a SD card adapter for your phone's micro sd card (must be 2GB or less). Often the adapter is sold with the card. Then you can just stick the card and adapter into your pc's microsd card slot (if it has one) and transfer the files directly. This is faster for transferring lots of songs, though it is a minor hassle to have to open up the phone and take out the micro sd card.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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