Having trouble sending pictures

(Bullhead City,Az.)

Having trouble sending pictures. Haven't got info Service Guide.


On your phone you can go to Menu -> Messages -> Create a New Message -> Multimedia Message.

Then choose the various options to add your subject, you graphic (picture) and the written portion of your message.

When you add your "Graphic" you can choose from the photos you've already taken, or take a new photo with your T301g.

Once you're done, choose "Send To", add the recipients by entering the numbers or choosing "Options" to add them from the contact list.

Finally hit send to send the message.

You can also go to Menu -> MyFolder -> Graphics -> MyPhotos. Pick a photo and choose Options -> Send via Multimedia Message and go from there.

How to send photos to email contacts

by Debra
(Aspen, Colorado)

I own this phone and can't figure out how to email photos that I have taken. Can anyone help?

Hi Debra,

To send photos from your Samsung T301G via email you have to create an email contact and then send a picture message to that contact. To create an email contact you just need to fill out the email field on the contact. This video shows how to enter the "@" symbol.

I tested this by creating a contact named "Me" with my email address. The from address turned out to be an AT&T address.

Stopped sending texts

by Lexi

I had this phone for about 8 months and one morning I tried to text someone. It said Enter Center so I entered the zipcode. It didn't send and now it just won't send the texts. So I need a new one.

I don't think Tracfone is a good company because I've had previous phones that had problems. I send them an e-mail, and they said nothing in respond.

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