Headset for LG 410g

by Harry Mason
(Sidney, Ohio 45365 USA)

Can I get a headset for my lg410g cell phone. Let me know please by email at snip.

Sorry I had to snip out your email address. You're right it's difficult to find a headset for the LG 410g these days as the jack is different from the one that's on the LG 420g and most other phones these days.

I didn't find anything on Amazon, but here are a couple of possibilities from CellPhoneShop (no longer available)

Headset Adapter

The first option is an Original LG 2.5mm Headset Adapter SGDY0010804 which converts the LG type jack to a standard 2.5 mm handsfree phone jack.

Handsfree Kit

The second option is a proper Stereo Handsfree For LG Shine CU720, Vu CU915, Vu CU920 kit made for phones with this type of jack.

Now, let me say, that I haven't tried any of these. I'm just going by the pictures and judging that they seem to have the slightly wider plug that look like they would fit the LG 410g.

Hope this helps. If you do get one of these, let us know if it worked. Thanks.

sb (admin)

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