Help. Can't send international SMS

by Brooke
(North Carolina)

Okay so I want to talk to my friend who is in Canada, but it says sms restrictions 50, and I was wondering why can't I text a foreign country? Or if there was any way I could?

Hi Brooke,

You can't text, but you can "talk". Net10 international Voice calls to Canada (and the other international destinations listed) costs 5 cents more per minute in addition to your regular airtime rate.

If you're on the ten cents per minute plan, they would cost 15 cents. If you're on the 750-minute 30 day plan, they would cost approximately 8.3 cents per minute. However, I believe this service is not available under the unlimited plan as they have no mechanism for charging the extra 5 cents.

To call an international number you have to dial an access number first.

sb (admin)

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