Hidden charges while browsing for ringtones

by Stormr69
(Thompson CT)

Dropping the phone. They hide charges until it is too late to avoid them. If you browse on the AT&T site for ringtones or wallpaper you get charged while you look. Even if you don't buy anything.

I went on and purchased 1 ringtone and by the time I was done I was charged more than it would have been if I had bought a new CD.

Even the REQUIRED update to the browser was a charge.

Since I don't use my phone much a pre-paid plan has always been the way to go. In the past my wife and I have had Tracfones but wanted to upgrade to a more advanced phone. GoPhone is NOT the way to go. Pity since the LG phone was actually really nice.

Hi Stormr69,

Unfortunately, Tracfone will also charge you for airtime if your browse their ringtones via the phone. You can avoid these charges if you browse their website first to choose and buy your ringtone.

sb (admin)

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