Hidden Charges

The plan might say $25, $40, $60, to attract attention, but when you add up the extra hidden charges it does not make any of these plans worth it.

The $40 plan actually cost $49.00 with tax and hidden charges. In addition, the customer service reps are rude and not helpful.

Do your homework before you get suckered into any of these i-Wireless plans.

Hi, Thanks for the contribution. Your comment would have been more useful if you actually stated what the charges were for and how much.

I leave this comment up for now in case you and anyone is kind enough to add in the details so that there's a bit more info for comparison.

sb (admin)

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Jul 29, 2014
Tax is due to the area you live.
by: Anonymous

If the state you live in requires sales tax on services (like cell phone service cards) then yes you will pay tax, depending on your locale. I live in Nevada which does not charge sales tax on services, so for me, when I purchase a prepaid card such as for cell service I do not pay sales tax, I do however pay other fees such as for E911 service. So if you choose to go to another provider in your area that offers prepaid cards, and you purchase it in a store or online, you will still pay sales tax on that service card.

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