Hopefully better on T-Mobile than Sprint

From my experience the Platinumtel services was so-so using the Sprint network. Granted I had the cheaper Sanyo phone and pay as you go but the reception was far from perfect. There were many dead spaces or roaming areas that the phone could not receive.

Hopefully, with the switch to T-mobile, it will now be better.

Excellent Company

by Les Olson
(Bowling Green, KY)

I have had their Paygo plan for a couple years now and it's been the best service I have ever had. The few times I have called them I have had a very short wait and "easy-to-understand", knowledgable reps. And nobody beats their excellent prices. I hope they decide to offer a wireless home internet plan in the future.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your comments. Since you've been with them for awhile, can I ask you which GSM phone you are or will use for PlatinumTel's switch from the Sprint network to the T-Mobile network?

sb (admin)

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