House phone and Jitterbug

by Ebert
(Callicoon, NY)

Can I use the same phone number on Jitterbug and hardwired house phone at the same time. I am interested in the Jitterbug and want to get one without changing my phone number.

At this time I also do not want to give up my hardwired house phone. Can I use both with the same phone number?

I don't think you can do this except in a somewhat convoluted way.

Simple Way - Two lines

What I would recommend instead is that you get a Jitterbug phone with a different cell phone number. Then you can set up your landline to forward unanswered calls to your cell phone instead of going to voicemail.

So your landline would ring, then if you don't answer it at home the call would forward to your cell phone. If you do not take the call on your cell phone, it would then go to your cellphone's voicemail.

This does require you to still maintain a landline account and a Jitterbug account, so you would have two monthly bills.

Connect to Cell - One Line Solution

You can also use a device that looks like a typical cordless phone but which connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth. One example is called a Connect to Cell device from Vtech.

However, this would be like getting a new cordless phone system for your house. It is a separate cost, but it would allow you to just have one monthly bill from your cell phone company (such as Greatcall) and still allow you to use a landline like device at home.

You would no longer really have a landline, so you need to make sure that you have a strong cell phone signal in your house before you go this route. In this scenario, you would have to port your landline phone number to Jitterbug.

Hope this helps.


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