How Do I Cancel my Service

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I received a call customer who wanted to cancel his Straight Talk service. I basically told him he would probably have to call customer service since he was on an auto-refill plan. This turned out to be correct. However, I decided I would give some detailed info covering all the options for future reference.

This information below is also in and taken from the 27-page Terms and Conditions.

First Port your Number

If you want to keep your number then you need to port it to another plan before your cancel your service. You probably know that by now, but I mention it just in case . . .

Next, you go about actually cancelling your service.

If Adding Airtime Every Month

If you've been using it as a regular prepaid plan by manually adding airtime every 30 days either through your online account or manually with a PIN number, then you probably don't need to do anything. Just don't add another airtime card and port your number before your service expires. There are no refunds for the unused airtime or service days.

If Using Reserve Cards

Straight Talk give your the opportunity to essentially bank your airtime by buying airtime cards and placing them in reserve. These cards get added automatically when the current airtime card expires. These reserve cards are also not refundable, so you will lose those minutes if you port your number out right away.

This is one of the risks in banking a large amount of airtime. Depending on your situation you may want to wait until you use up those reserves.

If Using Auto-Refill

One way to avoid the hassle of manually adding airtime each month and also avoid the risk of banking too much airtime is to sign up for auto-refill. When it's time to add airtime, your credit or debit card is charged and airtime is added to your phone. Depending on when you signed up for auto-refill, you may even get a small discount off the cost of the airtime.

The only way to cancel this auto-refill is to call customer service at 1-877-430-2355. When you cancel the auto-refill option, your service is still valid until your current airtime expires or until you port your number away.

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