How do I send a voice message

by mik

LG 800g Create Message

LG 800g Create Message

Don't want to make a call and leave a message. Want to send a voice text and not be charged for 1 minute when the infomercial says it should be a .30 cost.

Hi Mik,

You can send a voice text, but that will end up being a multimedia message which will take a couple of minutes of airtime to send rather than the .33 units (on Tracfone) for a simple text message. This is because there's a data attachment - your voice audio file.

Anyway, here's the procedure for the LG 800g:

Select the Message Icon and select Create New Message. Then fill in the To: and Message info and then select Insert > Sound > Record Voice and and record your message (up to 2 minutes 36 seconds long). After you stop the recording, you can play the recording if you want or just select Insert to add it to your message. Then hit Send. As I said it will cost a couple of minutes of airtime to send. It's still worth it if you don't want to interrupt the person with a call.

sb (admin)

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