How easy is it to toggle predictive text mode?

How easy is it to toggle predictive text mode?

Some phones allow you to use a hot key (such as double-clicking the pound key) to easily toggle between normal text mode and predictive text modes.

Other phones require you to go through menus, which IMO is too awkward to be usable.

How does the LG 420g work in this regard?


Great question? It turns out that, yes, you can toggle predictive text mode via the keys, but you have to press two keys at once.

Let me backtrack first. T9-style predictive texting is available on the LG 420g. The slower menu-based way to switch between the two is to start creating a message, and go to the message body (not message subject) and click "Options" and scroll down to "Input method" and choose T9 or Abc. This is admittedly very tedious for switching back and forth, hence your question.

Let's say you've chosen Abc mode. Then when you are in the message body, you switch between 123, Abc and abc modes by pressing the * (star) key. If you are in T9 mode, you switch between 123, T9 Abc and T9 abc modes by also pressing the * (star) key.

So how do you toggle between predictive on regular modes? First, I tried clicking (and double-clicking) the # (pound) key as you hinted, but that simply takes you into "enter symbol" mode.

The solution:

What you have to do is press and hold the * (star) key and simultaneously press the # key to toggle the predictive text mode. So if you are in Abc mode, pressing the * (star) key and the # (pound) key takes you into T9 Abc mode.

Thanks again for asking the question and making me learn something new (I don't text that often) about this phone!

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Jan 30, 2011
by: David

Thank you for your research on toggling predictive text mode.

You are wonderfully responsive to questions. Great site and service!

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