How long to Transfer service?

by sb (admin)

Q: How long does it take to transfer service?
A: It doesn't take too long, but the actual time may vary depending on what carrier and service you have and what ST phone you are going to use.

Net10 to Straight Talk

For example, the last such transfer I did was from a Net10 LG 900g to a Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent. I did run into a little bit of confusion when I called customer service.

First I called Straight Talk's customer service, and they told me I needed to get some info regarding a PIN from Net10. I found this a bit puzzling because they're both owned by the same company.

Still I went ahead and called Net10, but they didn't have any info to give me.

So I called Straight Talk again, and this time they completed the transfer process. In terms of actual service, I believe the Precedent was active with my number within three hours.

In this case, the LG 900g phone was (I believe) on the AT&T network. The Precedent runs on the Sprint network. Despite this, the transfer of the number and service took place pretty quickly.

From outside the Tracfone family

Now, it may take longer if your current service is directly with one of the major providers. This is not really something I'm able to test as it can get a bit expensive, but I would be happy to hear from other visitors about their experience with this.

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