How many cents per minute?

I am going to think about getting this phone, but how many cents per minute?

Good question. The answer depends on how many minutes per month and how much you’re willing to spend.

Option #1 10 cents per minute. $100 per year
The T301g is a double minutes for life phone, so when you buy an airtime card the number of minutes on it doubles.

So a 400 minute one-year card cost $99.99 and gives you 800 minutes. On top of that there is almost always a bonus code that adds 200 minutes (sometimes even 250 minutes) to those 800 minutes. So that comes to a total of 1000 minutes. This works out to 10 cents per minute. If you don’t use more that 1000 minutes a year, then the phone only costs you $100 a year or about $8.33 per month.

Of course, if you use more, you can always buy more minutes at this low rate.

Option #2 17 cent per minutes, $80 per year
If you use less than 500 minutes a year (i.e. just for emergencies etc.) then you can buy a single $20 60 minute airtime card every 90 days. The 60 minutes on each card doubles to 120 when activated on the phone.

So you’ll end up buying four cards in a year which will give you 480 minutes. You will spend $80 (plus sales tax) for the cards, that works out to about 17 cents per minute. However, your monthly cost is now less than $7 per month!

Samsung T301G cell phone phone costs about $20 and sometimes you can get a refurbished one that also include a $20 airtime card, so you’re really getting the phone for free. Shipping is also usually free.

Hope this helps!

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Apr 20, 2011
As low as 6 2/3 cents per minutes
by: David

Option #3:

For the heavier user, you can get 3,000 minutes (1,500 doubled) for $200, or 6.667 cents per minute. This is a web-only, standard offer.

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