How to access Gmail?

by sb (admin)

Q: How to access gmail?
A: It's true that Google's free email service is not listed as an option in the Mobile Email menu. Just about every other common and some not so common providers are listed, but not this one. It's actually pretty easy to access your Gmail on your Nokia 2330, but you have to use your web browser.

To use your browser to access email, simply click on the web browser menu icon and then press the Options menu and then enter the URL, either or even better, The first address will ask you to click through to the mobile version of the site anyway. You should save a few KB of date if you go straight to the mobile version.

If you're wondering about how much data is used while checking gmail in this way, here's an example. I logged in via the main address, and then clicked through to the mobile version. I then logged in, read through my list of recent messages and clicked through to read two emails. I then quit the browser. Immediately after, I received a message from AT&T that this session had cost me fifty-six cents.

So, as you can see, it's easy, but somewhat expensive to check your gmail on your Nokia 233 Gophone from AT&T.

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