How To Get Music On This Stupid Phone (LG 800g)

Can You Tell Me How To Get Music On This Phone? It's, like, IMPOSSIBLE!

Sure. It’s not too difficult to load music from your computer on to this phone. I’ll go through it step by step.

First, Is your music in MP3 format?

You have to have your music as mp3 files on your computer. If you have a Windows PC and extracted your songs from CD’s using Windows Media Player, then your songs may be in .wma format, and they will not play on your LG 800g phone. You will need to re-rip the songs from the CD or use a file converter to convert your songs from .wma format to .mp3 format.

To re-rip the songs in mp3 format using Windows Media player, open the program and go to:

Organize -> Options -> Rip Music and set the format to MP3 and choose quality (256 kbps is good).

Then go ahead and re-rip the songs from the CD’s you wish to hear on your phone.

If all your songs are in .wma format and you don’t want to go through all that again, you can try one of the file converters on the internet. When I did a search, the first result I got was for the site which worked for the one file I tried.

Now lets switch back to the phone.

Insert Memory Card

You LG 800g phone will need an memory card to store your music. You will have to open the back of the phone, remove the battery and insert a microsd memory card in the slot next to the SIM card slot. You have to push the metal bracket up slightly (in the direction of the arrow) to release it. Then place the memory with the indented side on the upper right as show in the diagram that is etched on the body of the phone just to the left of the slot. Then close the bracket and pull slightly downward to lock it in place. Put the battery back in and turn on the phone.

Set Primary Storage Setting

Touch the icon with four dots to go to the

Menu -> Settings -> Phone -> Memory Info -> Primary Storage Setting

and select External Memory. This makes sure that the photos you take and the music you upload will be stored on the memory card and not in the phone's internal memory.

Deciding on how to load Music

You can load your music directly onto to the memory card, via adapter or USB cable from the phone to the computer, or transfer them song by song via Bluetooth.

Direct transfer

In the past I’ve transferred the songs directly onto the microSD card. Your microsd card most likely came with an SD card adapter. The reason is because your computer if it’s less than a couple of years old probably has an SD card slot (originally for loading photos from the SD card from your digital camera). You can insert the microSD card into the SD adapter and then insert the adapter with card into the SD card slot of your computer. Once you do, you will see that the LG 800g phone has already created a few folders on the memory card: Documents, Games & Applications, Images, Others, Sounds and Videos.

You can now go ahead and drag any folder containg mp3 files to the Sounds folder. Once the transfers have completed, you can take out the adapter and put the microsd card back in the phone. You can start up the music player and select “All Tracks” to see the songs you’ve transferred. If the songs were part of an album, then you should also be able to select “Albums” to get to your music. From there you can select individual songs to play them or create playlists, etc.

Via USB Cable

The procedure is the same, only faster, if you have a USB cable with the right connector. Once you’ve hooked the cable to the phone, the phone will ask if you want to enable the “Mass Storage” connection. Once you say Yes, you can open your PC’s file explorer to find the external drive. Again you’ll see the folders described above. Simply drag your music folder to the Sounds folder on the memory card in the phone and once the transfer is completed the music will be on the phone.

Via Bluetooth

The other way to transfer the music without having to use cables or take out the memory card is to use transfer them via Bluetooth. This is a little slower however, and there is (I think) a ten item limit for transfers – so you can only transfer ten songs at a time. You will need a Bluetooth-equipped computer or a USB Bluetooth adapter so that your computer can pair with the phone.

On the phone go to Menu -> Bluetooth -> Options (rectangle with lines through it) -> Settings -> My Device Visibility and select Visible for 3 Min.

On your (Windows) computer, if there is a Bluetooth icon, you can click that to open your list of Bluetooth device. If not, go to “Devices and Printers” and select “Add a Device”. The computer should find a device named LG800g Bluetooth Phone. Select it and click Next. You may need to then select “Create a Pairing Code”. The computer will create a pairing code and you will have to enter that into the phone.

Now go to your music folder and select a song. Right-click with your mouse or keypad and select:

Send To -> Bluetooth Device

and select the 800g phone from the device list. On the phone, you will be asked to accept the file transfer. Click Yes to transfer the file. The file will be saved in the Sounds folder. You can now find and play the song on your phone. Because it’s not in its own folder, it doesn’t show up as part of an album even if the album information is in the mp3 file description.

And that's it (I think).

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Jul 14, 2013
Yay! It worked
by: Anonymous

I did it via bluetooth. Had to download a SP3 update via the HP site to get the bluetooth icon in control panel but once I did, I was able to transfer files. It showed up in phone under "my stuff". Downloaded my own ringtones to phone.

Mar 23, 2013
still doesn't work
by: Anonymous

I was able to install the memory card into my lg800g with out any problems and was able to get to the "primary storage settings" on my phone. But none of this makes any difference when my phone doesn't even recognize the fact that it even has a usable memory card in it in the first place.

Aug 13, 2012
by: JB

A 4G card would not work in my phone. I ended up with a 2G card, that worked, in the 2 LG800 phones that I purchased. I was able to order the 2G cards through Amazon, as nearly every retailer (Walmart, Kmart, Radio Shack) I tried did not carry 2G cards. Hope this helps. :-)

Aug 12, 2012
HELP 4gb pny card
by: Laura

Any suggestions on why it would be not recognizing the card? I tried this on every device I own it works, reformatted and will not work on the phone. 4gb pny card- it shows as a x through it on the screen and will not show up in the external memory

Jul 15, 2012
8 gb micro sd card not supported with lg800g fhone
by: michel

I had the same issue until i find out that 8 gb is not supported with this lg 800 fhone i bought a 4 gb micro sd card and it did work iwas able to add music so don't use micro sd card over 4 gb of memory.

Jul 02, 2012
External Memory
by: Anonymous

How do you turn on the external memory of the phone? On my phone it's gray and I can't click on it to turn it on.

Apr 23, 2012
Try formatting it
by: sb (admin)

I've used the following brands successfully: PNY, Kingston and (I think) Sandisk.

Although I didn't have to do this, you can try formatting it in a computer first by putting the card in an SD card adapter (usually comes with microsd card) and sticking it into the computers sd card slot (be careful to format the memory card and not any other drive).

Apr 23, 2012
Card for LG800
by: JB

Can you give SPECIFICS as to the card that DOES work in this phone? I know its seems to be a 4g, but brand name would help. I've tried (3 different) SanDisk Micro 4g SDHD with no luck.

Apr 15, 2012
can u help
by: Anonymous

i put it in mb3 format but the phone does not know the card is in it all it says is handset memory it will not let me click external memory?

Apr 14, 2012
Missing .MP3 Files
by: Anonymous

So how do you fix a problem concerning the .mp3 files? I have used each method of transfer, and whiles the files show up under the music player, when I try to set ringtones or go to the music through 'my folder' in the phone menu, the music does not show up under any of the options. Any idea how to fix this? Please e-mail me (snip) if you have any ideas that might help.

Mar 24, 2012
ready to try
by: keayraf

although i havnt tried it yet im sure its going to work i just cain wait to use it mann wish me luck got my fingers crosed

Mar 02, 2012
It worked
by: Finlay O.

Thank you so much!

Dec 21, 2011
8 GB does not work
by: E. Feustel

The review helped tremendously. After having spent several hours trying an 8 GB uSHDC to work without success (a small red x marks the incorrect sizes), I read the above review, removed the 8 Gb, put in a 4GB, and was rewarded when the correct Icon came up.

It probably has something to do with maximum sizes with 32 bits.

Oct 21, 2011
Does not support 16 gig microscan disk
by: Anonymous

Love the Lg 800G but found out by trial and $$ERROR$$ that it in fact does not support a 16 Gig microscan disk. The phone will not recognize that there is an external storage device. Your computer will recognize the phone under "Devices and Printers" but not the microscan disk. The drive will not show up under "My Computer".
Upon further research a 4 Gig is standard and will work. You can possibly use an 8 Gig, which I am going to try.

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