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Q: How to load music on to the phone?
A: Here's how:

MicroSD Memory Card

You need a place to store the music. You have to insert a compatible microSD card in the back of the phone in the slot under the battery as shown:

microsd card

memory card in WX345

You can explore the contents of the card by going to Menu > My Folder > SD Card. Memory cards are often pre-formatted today, but if it isn't, you can select Options > Format to format the card. Note: This will erase any information that is already stored on the card.

Transferring the Music

Once the card is formatted, there should be a Music folder. You need to transfer your mp3 music files to that folder. Since the memory card is already inserted into the phone, the easiest way to transfer the music is to connect it to your computer via a USB cable.

Connecting the Phone to PC

Make sure your computer and phone are both on. Flip the phone open and use a microUSB to USB data cable to connect the phone to the computer. This cable fits into the USB slot on the computer and the microUSB slot on the phone - the same slot used by the charger.

Once the cable is inserted, you should see a prompt on the phone screen to select "Mass Storage?" or "COM Port". Select "Mass Storage" and Select "OK". The contents of the phone's memory card should now be visible in your computers File Explorer (on Windows you may be prompted to, "Open the Folder to view Files").

Once you view the contents you should find a folder labeled "Music". You should transfer your MP3 files to that folder. If your music files are organized into Album folders, you can transfer the entire folders.

Once you're done, disconnect the cable from the phone and computer.

Playing the Music

Once you disconnect the phone from the computer, you can now play your music! To start the music player simply press the top Nav Key on the phone:

top Nav Key

This should start the music player. It may take a a short while to find all the files. You can then press the center nav key to start playing the music:

Select "List" to see the list of songs:

Once you've got the music player going, it will continue to play after you close the flip phone so you can use it like any other portable mp3 player.

wx345 mp3 player

The Motorola WX345 is one of several phones with music players that are available from Consumer Cellular.

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