How to read pdf and text files

by mike

So far so good. It certainly seems more sophisticated than my old flip phone.

Read PDF and TXT files

I loaded some photos, some pdfs and some txt files onto a 4 gig chip (I think that's as big as you can get onto this phone). If you go to the My Files icon you can read the txt files (I downloaded some books at Gutenberg Project) - it's a 'kinda primitive e-reader.

I loaded some PDFS, same deal, but it will only read smaller PDF files, 'cause i tried loading some multi page comics onto it, and it didn't work.

I read about the LG 800G's Hidden MS Office Document Viewer here.


The jpegs I loaded seemed fine, but not all of them were able to be read, not sure why yet, maybe file size?

I have not loaded music yet, I'm 'gonna try that next. The internet seems pretty useless on the phone, slow and difficult to navigate. I loaded the Bolt browser, a tad better, but not much. If you need weather or other info your better off using the google texting function:

Everything about the phone seems fine so far, I certainly like it more than my old flip phone. I certainly play with it more!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your detailed report. I really appreciate it.

sb (admin)

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